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Being charged with a criminal offense may be the most stressful ordeal you will ever experience. You need a local criminal defense lawyer to help! So far, you have probably been arrested and charged by the police. Your liberties have been restricted, and you have been placed on court-ordered restrictions, and you have to appear in court. You've been through a lot, but this is just the beginning.

Although you are presumed innocent, the police believe you are guilty. Now the government will use all its resources to prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Even if you are not sentenced to a jail term, a criminal conviction can have lifelong consequences such as difficulty obtaining employment. In order to level the playing field, you need an experienced attorney who knows his way around the judicial system and can help you get a favorable outcome.

If you are accused of one of the following offenses, I can help.

Domestic Violence
Sexual Offenses
Drug Offenses
Property Crimes

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